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The lease/renting of an property or commercial space is no daily occurrence for most. Anyone who leases or rents a property, apartment, or commercial property will have to deal with various aspects of the are of tenancy law. If you wish to have guidance, or if problems (threaten to) arise, it is wise to call in a specialist. A specialist with whom you can easily connect and a specialist who speaks your language.

Tenancy law is a broad and complicated area of law. The Dutch Civil Code describes various types of tenancy (regimes for housing, retail space, and other business space), with a different (own) regime for each type.  In many cases, disputes regarding your tenancy agreement cannot be solved yourselves due to the applicable complex regulations and weighty interests.

TEAM Advocaten has specialized tenancy law lawyer with vast litigation experience. These lawyers can therefore assist and advise you “with certainty” and settle your disputes as fulfilling as possible.

You can expect tailored advice and litigation from our tenancy law lawyers on matters such as:

  • the drafting and assessing of the tenancy contracts, for housing, business space (DCC 7:290) and office space (DCC 7:230a)
  • contract acquisition(s)/substitution
  • tenant nuisance/or suffering nuisance by the tenant
  • retail space mandatory lease term
  • poor tenancy/ poor landlordship
  • termination of the lease /possibilities of giving notice of termination for both housing retail space (retail and catering space) and other business space (including office space, such as for self-employed professionals)
  • tenancy agreement dissolution and eviction of the leased property/ summary proceedings
  • summary proceedings to obtain a preliminary injunction and/or suspension of execution
  • warranting protection against eviction
  • defects to the leased property and the remedy thereof
  • defects on transfer with the termination of the tenancy agreement
  • service charges disputes/ claiming and/or passing on possibilities
  • tenant/landlord claim for liability due to failing to perform the obligations under the tenancy agreement
  • damage claim
  • rent reduction procedures (both claimant and defendant)
  • rent review
  • determination of the rent for DCC 7:290 business space as referred to in DCC 7:303 et seq.

Prevention is better than cure

To give tenancy agreements a good and desired substance, guidance with the drafting of a tenancy agreement and the assessing of one by one of our tenancy law lawyers is recommended.  Several subjects for regimes (including housing) are prescribed as mandatory, which limits the freedom of contract. The Dutch Civil Code also contains regimes for business and office spaces and various protective regulations that are semi-mandatory laws. These are not enforced by operation of law (the court does not officially test) but have to be explicitly invoked by the party that would be protected.  With a timely involvement of one of our tenancy law lawyers, your rights will be protected and invoked where necessary. This helps you prevent unnecessary problems/damages.

In our advice/guidance, we explore the chances of success and the various options, in order to come to the best solution. Next, we’ll head straight for the goal with you.

Experienced litigation lawyers

Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience. They know “the tricks of the trade ”.  Our lawyers bring their knowledge and experience, making sure litigation is energetic and effective.hoe de hazen lopen, dan wel zullen gaan lopen ”.  Zij nemen hun kennis en ervaring mee, waardoor er voortvarend en doeltreffend wordt geprocedeerd.

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