Debt collection practice

Customers not paying are a burden and headache for business owners. Reminders, phone calls, demands… you’ve tried everything, but nothing works. If this sounds like you, come to TEAM Advocaten.

Debt collection has been one of our specialisations for decades. And while bailiffs and collection agencies can bring claims up to €25,000, TEAM Advocaten can assist you with any claim and we offer more options for legal action.

Strategic approach

Have your reminders and demands been falling on deaf ears? As a formal letter of demand from a law firm often works, that’s the first weapon in our arsenal. After that, we can proceed to attachment. This is worth considering for claims with a high monetary value, when it is almost certain that the attachment will be effective. If your debtor continues to refuse to pay and more creditors are lining up, we may file a bankruptcy or winding-up petition.

Because of our efficient procedures, we offer our collection services at competitive hourly rates. For clients who regularly file for the bankruptcy or winding-up of debtors, we readily make clear arrangements on the desired procedure and reduced rates or fixed prices.

Your sound partner

Our firm is a member of the Association of Debt Collection and Litigation Lawyers (VIA) with strict training requirements for our field of expertise. Unlike collection agencies, lawyers are supervised by the Bar Association. An expert debt collection team is ready to assist you with Saskia Eringaard as your permanent contact along with your debt collection lawyer.

Only a debt collection lawyer has all the measures at their disposal to successfully recover what’s owing to you. Whether in or out of court, we can immediately take the right steps for you to safeguard your claim.

TEAM Advocaten: rightly pursuing your goal.

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