Law of succession

In the grief that follows a death, you don’t want to become embroiled in a family inheritance dispute. But often, this is precisely what happens. TEAM Advocaten helps to avoid this and provides guidance.


Settling a deceased estate can be a complicated, drawn-out affair. Heirs, related or otherwise, can disagree on the amount of the inheritance, when it is payable, or the enforcement of security for a claim. Disputes can also arise as to whether the will expresses the deceased’s wishes, what rights a disinherited child has to a parent’s estate, and whether they can invoke the optional right. And in the absence of a will, is the acceptance of the estate and succession by operation of law clear to all heirs?

Matters like these can all give rise to disagreements. In that case, involving our lawyers is the solution. It’s good to be assisted legally by someone who is in the know and stands up for your rights. Someone who acts with professional detachment, yet who is dedicated.

TEAM Advocaten: rightly pursuing your goal.

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