Mergers and acquisitions

Buying or selling a business or one of its units is not something you do every day. Is the business growing or contracting? Are you transferring the business to management, or is your son or daughter taking over the company? Preparation is key, along with good timing. Because selling too early or too late can significantly reduce returns.

TEAM Advocaten is ready to go through all considerations with you and work towards the best decision. With clear advice and a shrewd strategy, you’ll make the right choices. And we’ll obviously help you with the contracts and other paperwork too.

Bring it on

It’s precisely the intensive process of mergers and acquisitions that we find enjoyable and challenging. We’ve conducted various legal due diligence reviews and assisted in many acquisitions ranging from €5 million to as much as €150 million – both nationally and internationally, for buyers and sellers.

TEAM Advocaten: rightly pursuing your goal.

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