Joop M. Deveer


My name’s Joop Deveer and I’m an experienced and enthusiastic all-round lawyer. I enjoy being a sparring partner for my clients and quickly oversee interests and risks. I’m determined and sporting, both professionally and in private. Dedicated and always focused. I’m known for getting to the bottom of a problem quickly, searching for solutions and translating that into specific actions for my clients.

Besides my years of experience as a lawyer – my swearing-in ceremony was in 1989 – I’m also chairman of the disputes and complaints committee of the NCA and a Supervisory Board member of Tivoli/Vredenburg.

I started out in general practice and now assist clients in labour law, corporate law, contract law and the law of obligations. Besides my advisory practice, I have extensive litigation experience in civil and administrative law proceedings and in partnership, shareholder, labour, tenancy, property and construction disputes.

I’ve registered in the following practice areas in the Netherlands Bar Association’s register of legal practice areas:

  • Civil procedure

Under this registration, I must obtain 10 training points in each registered principal practice area every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.