Ramon Rila


Pleased to meet you! My name’s Ramon Rila. Since graduating in 2008, I’ve represented the interests of a wide range of clients, both corporate and private, in a variety of private-law disputes.

After initially running what was mainly a general practice, I’ve increasingly focused on property law. Because of my extensive litigation experience, I also specialise in procedural law. Liability law, statutory rights and duties between neighbours, prescription issues and automotive disputes also keep me busy.

I’m known as a go-getter, for handling my cases with an eye for detail and for getting to the heart of a problem quickly. I get along well with all kinds of clients because I’m dependable and forthright.

I’ve registered in the following practice areas in the Netherlands Bar Association’s register of legal practice areas:

  • General practice
  • Property law

Under this registration, I must obtain 10 training points in each registered principal practice area every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.