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“Labour law is no rocket science”is a common expression often used by non-labour law lawyers. Since the introduction of the Unemployment Insurance Act (WWZ), the proceedings options have been considerably expanded and it has all but become easier to estimate if a court will grant a request for dissolution of the employment agreement. Or how this will be judged in the Court of Appeal. What are the chances of an awarded additional (equitable) remuneration and how is this compensation calculated? What exactly is the role of the law of evidence in labour law and is the Sub-District Court formula completely out of the picture? These are questions we would like to give you an answer to as the occasion arises.

Our specific added value lies in the vast litigation experience acquired within the fields of labour law and public service law. Both with District Courts and Courts of Appeal. Experience we take into account in our advise, the negotiation process, and in the litigation. Whether it concerns the dismissal of a company director or a foundation director, a transfer of undertaking, a disciplinary dismissal/penalty, or a dispute concerning the non-competition clause, all of these subjects call for a thorough knowledge of the law, but also for a targeted approach based on litigation. This practical experience allows for aiming at a maximum settlement result.

Labour law is constantly evolving and TEAM Advocaten keeps you up to date with these developments via articles placed on the website, or by means of organised knowledge sessions. If you are looking for an energetic and involved lawyer who will aim for the goals you set, you have come to the right place. And regarding the rocket science: in labour law too, all can ultimately be reduced to a test of reasonableness and fairness. The employer and employee are obliged to act as good employers and employees  (see DCC 7:611). We would like to tell you more about this.

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