Contract Law

Each entrepreneur / company has to do with contracts. These can be agreed upon orally or in writing.

It often occurs that the are not fully complied with, or that the contents of the contract are unclear.

In all these cases, we can help. This can be in the procedure for the Court, but rather in prevention thereof, for example by ensuring that agreements are correctly and fully recorded in writing.

Our specialists have the necessary experience in this area of law, for example with:

  • drafting and assessing: cooperation contracts, franchise and supply contracts, business acquisition, general supply terms and conditions, employment agreements etc.;
  • the drafting of warnings / notices of default in case of non or partial compliance, but also the putting up of a defence against them;
  • litigation – for example – related to the collection or the termination / dissolution or voidance of contracts and the claim for specific performance or compensation.

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