Tenancy law

Letting or renting a residential property or business premises is not a daily occurrence for most. Anyone letting or renting a house, flat or business premises has to deal with various aspects of tenancy law. If you could use guidance in this regard, or if problems arise or are looming, it’s wise to call in a specialist. A specialist with whom you can quickly connect and who speaks your language.

Tenancy law is a broad and complex area of the law. The Dutch Civil Code describes different categories of tenancy (regimes for residential property, medium-sized business premises and other business premises), each of which has their own different legal regime.

TEAM Advocaten has specialist tenancy lawyers, all of whom have gained extensive litigation experience in areas including:

  • drafting and reviewing tenancy agreements and leases for residential properties, business premises (Section 7:290 of the Dutch Civil Code) and office premises (Section 7:230a of the Dutch Civil Code)
  • contract takeover(s) / substitutions
  • nuisance caused or experienced by the tenant
  • mandatory lease terms for medium-sized business premises
  • poor tenant’s behaviour / poor landlord’s behaviour
  • termination of the tenancy or lease / options for giving notice of termination for residential property, medium-sized business premises (retail space, catering space) and other business premises (including office space but also a consultation room for a self-employed professional)
  • termination of the tenancy agreement or lease and vacation of the leased premises / preliminary relief proceedings
  • preliminary relief proceedings to obtain preliminary relief or suspension of enforcement
  • safeguarding protection against eviction
  • defects to the leased premises and remedying the defects
  • defects on handover of the property when the tenancy agreement or lease is terminated
  • service charge disputes / options for recourse or passing on charges
  • holding the tenant or landlord liable for failing to perform their obligations under the tenancy agreement or lease
  • recovery of damage
  • rent reduction proceedings (both as claimant and defendant)
  • rent review
  • rent determination for business premises (Section 7:290 of the Dutch Civil Code) as referred to in Section 7:303 et seq. of the Dutch Civil Code

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