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It all starts with setting goals. What would you like to achieve and why? After mapping this, we will decide on a strategy. How to rightly reach our goal? Teamwork is essential. We would like to hear from you all the ins and outs of your case, the sector in which you work, and other relevant circumstances. So that we can position ourselves well and are able to maximize results in the
negotiation process or in the procedure.
We always aim to win. Time and time again.

Knowledge, skill, quality.

Knowledge of the law, the judges, and jurisdiction provides added value. But there is more. Our skill is acquired through much litigation and many cases. Drawing up agreements, for example. Learning from judges, unexpected turns, and windfalls or setbacks. Can a seemingly difficult case be turned into a success story? Or will we advise you to take steps towards a settlement or an alternative form of dispute resolution? Our lawyers do not try to curry favour, nor will they present your chances as more promising than they are. Knowledge combined with skill results in quality. Our quality. Which we are more than happy to share with you.


TEAM Advocaten consist of a TEAM of experienced lawyers. Our lawyers all have different legal backgrounds and experience.

Their expertise has been combined, so we have the best lawyer you need. A customized lawyer.

  • Ernst Ligthart

    fusies en overnames, ondernemingsrecht en contractenrecht
  • Tom van den Kieboom

    arbeidsrecht en ondernemingsrecht
  • Marijn Geuze

    procedural law, contract law, tenancy and property law, and business law
  • Xander Woodhouse

    ondernemingsrecht, vastgoedzaken, contractenrecht en procesrecht, bedrijfsovernames
  • Ramon Rila

    Vastgoedrecht, contractenrecht, procesrecht en consumentenrecht (specialisatie automotive)
  • Merel Scheffer

    civil practices, law of succession, intellectual property law, and law of persons and family law

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