Xander Woodhouse

Lawyer and partner

My name is Xander and I went to law school in Utrecht and Canada. After graduating cum laude, I devoted myself to advising and litigating in private law disputes. As a litigating lawyer, I regularly appear before district courts, courts of appeal and various arbitration tribunals in the Netherlands.

In particular, I can assist you in three specific areas. First, corporate law including shareholder disputes, directors’ and officers’ liability, cases before the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam, as well as corporate takeovers. Second, liability law and both international and national commercial law, including franchise, agency and distribution agreements. And third, real estate law including tenancy law, construction law and the specific legal area regarding apartments.

As entrepreneur, non-profit organisation or private client, you will benefit from my extensive (litigation) experience, clear communication and hands-on approach. Using creativity in each case to resolve conflict and end uncertainty brings me great satisfaction. Each and every case is unique and demands a unique and personal approach.

I am registered in the following practice areas in the Netherlands Bar Association’s register of legal practice areas:

  • Corporate law
  • Real estate law

Under this registration, I must obtain 10 training points annually in each registered principal practice area in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association.